The great Mathematician

So many people acquire recognition these days through their achievements, inventions and contribution, it may be for their family, city, nation, or even the world.

I would like to remember a man who contributed so much that even up to now people are benefiting from he has shared.

Charles Babbage, born December 26, 1791 died at the age of 79. He was an Inventor, mathematician, philosopher and mechanical engineer.

He along with his friend Ada Lovelace (a brilliant British Mathematician)  was recognized with the invention of the first mechanical computer, although some people would say that it may not be true since the computer we use currently has several classification. I would say that the concept or the fundamental design arrived due to their effort and brilliant minds (Babbage and Lovelace).

Who would believe that a man who facilitates so much talent and knowledge was a sickly child mainly educated at home. His interest and passion for mathematics continued in Cambridge where he also graduated from.

Babbage continued his practice on mathematics at the Royal Institution where he thought calculus. In the course of the following years Babbage began to conceptualize his first design of the automatic computing machine followed by the Difference Engine 2 an analytical engine designed to perform any arithmetical calculation which had a better output than the initial design.

The concept of his design with the use of computer logic and programming led to so many inventions that we are using up to now. Some even integrated with other peoples innovation, take the automobile for example; it now uses a computer box where multiple functions of the car can be manipulated and organized.

We can also look at the appliances up to our very cellular phone that have integrated its technology with the enhanced design of what Charles Babbage help start.

I believe Babbage is an outstanding figure of a person who strongly illustrates that no matter how much sickly you are, educated at home or anywhere else the perseverance or commitment to what you would like to be or accomplish is done through hard work and dedication.

Sadly, who would know that a man this talented only died due to Cystitis or Urinary tract infection, an infection that in this modern age can easily be cured in a week through simple medications?

I salute Mr. Charles Babbage, the father of computer a conqueror of his own dream. A Person who embraced his talents and shared it to the world.

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