In the beginning…

Every happy family is happy is happy in a different way.

At least that’s what I like to tell myself.


Welcome to “They Were Just People.”

You will watch a story unfold as I explore people, both historical, modern and fictional in order to unearth the secret of what it means to be a person.

Some people will say that this mission is too vague to be worth attempting. In response to that, I would say that life itself often feels vague, too. Through the lens of unusual situations, I will measure how much a person is a person using my level of intellectual interest, emotional investment and spiritual intuition.

For example, take a rock. It interests me, and might even arouse my emotions. True, I am a rock collector. I also admit that were I to be forced to abandon a rock, I would not feel a great loss. However, there are certain crystals I’ve left behind that I think about today more than certain ex lovers…

So you see, the issue of “personess” bring up a lot. Does it mean “value”? Does it mean fitting certain physical characteristics?

Let us see.